Sliver Jubilee

Time-line of BIRDS as a Civil Society Organization (1991-2018)

Bharathi Integrated Rural Development Society (BIRDS) came into existence in the year 1991, with the initiative of its Executive Director who has been working with poorest of the poor. Briefly year wise events, programmes and project are below.


Main Events

  • UNICEF Project - YUVA SHAKTHI Social Accountability for Every Adolescent  
  • Combating Child Domestic Labour-PLAN Japan, Srikakulam
  • UNICEF Project - YUVA SHAKTHI Social Accountability for Every Adolescent  
  • Combating Child Domestic Labour-PLAN Japan


In addition to previous year’s array of programmes, a new programme was sponsored by PLAN International – Japan on “Domestic Child Labour” in Srikakulum District of Andhra Pradesh

  • IFAD Study on Poverty & Gender assessment and support extended in proposal preparation on up scaling APFAMGS Project in AP.
  • Celebration of BIRDS Silver Jubilee (1991 – 2016)


In continuation to previous year’s programmes, a new programme on Ground Water Governance (GwG) through Panchayat Raj Institutions in Andhra Pradesh with the support of Govt. of A.P. and FAO was initiated

  • A fund has been raised by Sten Carlson under “BIRDS – FINN Sports Court” for School Children at BIRDS Campus, M’padu. However, this is yet to be materialised.
  • The Rotary International, USA continued its support for the Sanitary Napkins programme for the poorest woman.
  • BIRDS collaborated and partnered with the District Administration on “Swach Bharath” programme through adopting Chakravarthulapalli village for implementation.
  • UNDP sponsored a special programme under Neeranchal to pilot APFAMGS projects in Neeranchal Districts of Chittoor (A.P.) and Mayurbunj (Odisha).


Launch of Sanitary Napkins programme towards attaining Sanitation and Hygiene amongst young adults and poorest woman, a programme run by Widows at BIRDS Campus, M’padu.

  • Continuation of core programmes such as Community health, 10- bedded hospital, boarding homes (for boys & girls), and child sponsorships by DORIS. Programmes such as SPACC and CHETHANA have been spearheading as usual.
  • BIRDS International extended its generous support for child sponsorship while PLAN – HDF continued its untiring support for “Child at Risk” programme.
  • Hope Charity programme in Kerala continues to be vibrant during this period.
  • Rotary International, USA has kindly donated funds for the construction of Toilets for School Children at BIRDS campus, M’padu.
  • Programmes such as Crop Life, Compassion continued to lead on.


Launch of Child Labour programme in Kurnool, Mahaboob Nagar and Ananthapur Districts of Andhra Pradesh in addition to existing programmes.


Launch of Sampunrna Child Development Centre (CDC) project sponsored by Karuna Bla Vikas (Compassion International) at Kalachetla in continuation with existing programmes.


Launch of “Eva Sponsorship” programme on Demand Side Ground Water Management (DSGM) for the government officials of Odhisa, Gujarath and Rajasthan


Launch of Strategic Pilot on Adaptation to Climate Change (SPACC) project, Establishment of Schools and Hope Clinic, Green Grant at M’padu.

  • BIRDS has Initiated its schools for the benefit of poor and poorest to get a corporate education in low or no cost!


Hosted an International Workshop on demand side ground water sponsored by FAO which was attended by 16 member countries;

  • The Ambassador to the Royal Netherlands Embassy visited BIRDS – APFAMGS project areas. (APFAMGS - Andhra Pradesh Farmer’s Managed Ground Water Systems).


Initiated a project in Bhutan on development of watershed project RCH project (training of community health worker) sponsored by government of India and FAO


Convened an International Learning Workshop on Demand side ground water management;

  • Launch of Food & Agriculture Organisation (FAO) programme on Land and Water Study in Andhra Pradesh supported by FAO


Establishment of Boarding Homes at M’padu for Boys and Girls for those who are either orphans or semi-orphans.


In addition to existing programmes, BIRDS extended support to AP Water Vision Task Force, a programme commissioned by the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.


In continuation to previous programmes, Community Health Centre was initiated at BIRDS’ farm, M’padu.


Completion of Andhra Pradesh Borewell Irrigation Project (APWELL) Project;

  • ED visits USA for World Micro-credit Summit;
  • Launch of APFAMGS project Initiation of Safe Mother and Child Survival (SMCS) program supported by Catholic Relief Service (CRS).


Started the construction of BIRDS Training Centre at M’Padu

  • Formation of Dalit Samakhya;
  • Formation of State Level Kisan Mela at M’padu supported by APWELL;
  • BIRDS becomes financial custodian of CHETANA Network, South India;
  • Social mobilization through Micro Finance among the poorest woman and drilling of bore-wells was taken up under the APWELL programme to enhance the food security and mitigate migration;
  • Extension of BIRDS Training Centre by purchasing extra land with the kind support from Eva Peter, Germany;
  • BIRDS played a key role in Capacity building of SHGs and institutionalisation at the grass-roots level under 3-tier structure with the support of Action Aid – India;
  • BIRDS has been selected as a nodal agency for PHP, USA programme in India - Chethana Network, South India;
  • Continuation of activities on “Safe Mother and Child Survival” programme supported by CRS;


Dalit Empowerment program started with the cooperation from Action Aid – India;

  • Organic Farm and Training Centre established;
  • Studies on dalit issues, sex-workers, child labour and so on were carried out


Micro Finance expansion with the support of The Bridge Foundation (TBF) funding;

  • Inception of Social Security Scheme (FWWB/GTZ/SEWA)


Executive Director in preparation of World Development Report Initiation of R&R program of Srisailam Right Bank Canal (SRBC);

  • Micro Finance expansion with the help of National Minorities Development Finance Corporation (NMDFC) funding;
  • Food Security Kalajatha supported by Action Aid – India;
  • Mahila Bank established at Midthur and Kolimigundla;
  • Initiation of CHETANA Network with the cooperation from PHP, USA


Executive Director attends “Grameen Dialogue” on Grameen Replication, Bangladesh;

  • Initiation of MF activity with FWWB and RMK;
  • Executive Director attends International Thematic workshop at Ranchi on “International Participatory Rural Appraisal”
  • Executive Director went on UNDP study tour to Sri Lanka on Micro Finance;
  • Inauguration of BIRDS training Centre at Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh


BIRDS initiated Study on tribal issues at Adilabad supported by Action Aid – India

  • Initiation of Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP);
  • Start of DPAP watershed program;
  • Start of women dairy activities supported by Andhra Pradesh Dairy Development Corporation Federation Ltd. (APDDCF);
  • Executive Director visits Malaysia to attend MDT on Micro Finance


Launch of Child Labour Rehabilitation program;

  • One year administrative support from Indo German Social Service Society (IGSSS);
  • Start of APWELL Project;
  • Action Aid India supports UNDP initiative for 3 years;
  • Launch of Rural Housing for destitute women with the kind cooperation from Council for Advancement of People Action and Rural Technology (CAPART);
  • Launch of Income Generation Program for SCs with the kind support from SC Corporation, Andhra Pradesh.


Start of UNDP program on Poverty Alleviation – 5 years Initiation of work in Kolimigundla and Owk mandals;

  • Presbyterian Church in USA (women) program initiated and completed;
  • Initiation of mandal level SHG federation at Midthur;
  • Ms. Eva Peter, Germany visits BIRDS as a student Initiation of Network of Voluntary Organisations in Kurnool District (NOVOK);
  • Formation of Kurnool District Network of NGOs


Initiation of Agricultural activities such as National Environment Awareness Campaign (NEAC) launched by Ministry of Environment, Govt. of India;

  • Annual visit UNDP to BIRDS project areas;
  • Completion of Adult Literacy program


Inception of Adult Literacy, Training of Rural Youth in Self Employment (TRYSEM), Thrift and Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas (DWCRA) schemes;

  • Executive Director’s visit to Bangladesh on Sustainable Agriculture


Selection and Initiation of village level sanghams.


Registration and Reconnaissance study in Midthur mandal in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh.

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