Sliver Jubilee

Executive Director's Note - January 2016

On behalf of small & marginal Farmers, women and children, staff, and executive committee of BIRDS I thank all the supporters Individuals, organizations and the Government for supporting BIRDS during 2017.

With very kind support (core support) of Mother Doris we could work at Head office level at Nandyal, and at farm with trainings, hospital, Community health workers, boarding home and (teachers) at school, BIRDS's address issues of vulnerable sections of the society including Small & marginal farmers, widows, men & women, aged, children. Largely support and coordinate other donor's projects in the organization.

I specially acknowledge the support of Ms. Doris Scharpf, (with kind help of Barbara Campbell, Bill Codington, Mr. Greg Enable, Sten Carlson and Mrs and Mr. Marta Kevin) Dr. George, Dr. Ginny (Community health and Hospital) Hanna Blenny (Shelter International) help in running Sanitary Napkin Project for widows, and thankful to Mr Bill Shearers & Eleanor Muclung (education and boarding home support) and Mrs. Eva Peter Meier and her team from Germany, and finally thankful to Rotary International (Dr. Susan Cooksey) for kind help to sanitary Napkin Project. Mrs. Kathy Kingsley & many others child sponsors.

Finally we express our thankfulness to the Donor agencies including the central and state governments help, such as Mr. Hempande IAS, MoEF-Govt. of India Mrs. Nayanika Singh, GEF Consultant, Shri. Satyanarayana garu IAS District Collector of Kunool Shri Vijay Kumar IAS, Spl CS MoAg-Govt. of AP, Dr. Shyam Khadka FAO Representative to India, Mrs. Uma Balaji, FAO-IN Ms. Mariana Walter Deputy Country Director UNDP, Dr. Sandeep Dave, IAS, JS (Watershed Management) Dr. Vaishakh Palsodkar, Neeranchal DOLR, Mrs. Ruchi Pant, Ms. Manisha Choudhary from UNDP and Dr. Hemashu Kulkarni of (ACWADAM), Dr. K.A.S Mani Consultant Worldbank, Dr. C. Konda Reddy FAO, Eileen, Mr. Valery, Rev. Thomas John achen from PC USA/PHP, and Mr Spourgen Raj, Mrs. Salomi Yesudas from CHETHANA. Mrs. Anitha, Sri.Madhu Sagili, Ms. Shanthi Thummati, Sri.Dharmana Sundaray, Sri. Chandan Barman, Sri. Kalyan, Sri. Vadivelu Rajan, Sri. Ram Prasad, Sri. Sakuru Narayanaswamy, are from PLAN India / International. Mr. Goplakrishna of AGS, Dr. Daisy Kuchinad (Hope charities) Mr. Mohan Rao EFFORT, Mr. Prosun Sen, Aduvocacy & Communication Specilist - UNICEF Hyderabad, and Chairperson GEF CSO, for their support to BIRDS for Implementation of programs for the benefit of poor (farmers, widows, children in distress, children at risk, girls children, adult cents, and marginalized)

Special thanks to Dr. M. Madhukar Reddy President of BIRDS and Mrs M. Sharadamma Treasurer of BIRDS, & other Executive Committee members of BIRDS, All the staff of BIRDS, Communities and My Family (My Wife Latha, Daughters Sindhura, Cecilia / Bala Krishna and Sushanthi, and my lovely Grand Daughter Sojal D. Marissa) for their excellent support in implementing BIRDS Programs.

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