Sliver Jubilee

  • To educate the rural poor through non-formal education
  • To act as liaison  organization between government rural poor and to inform the rural poor about various governmental programs intended to help them
  • To provide opportunities for the development of village artisans
  • To undertake land-based projects for the benefit of small and marginal farmers
  • To establish homes for the aged, child labor, widows and disabled
  • To undertake women welfare programs
  • To organize self help groups for poor women for economic independence
  • To improve health conditions of rural poor
  • Low cost housing programme for the poor
  • To preserve environment of the target areas
  • To promote sustainable agriculture programs and organic farming systems

  • Focus Constituencies
  • Dalits/Adivasis
  • Women
  • Children
  • Small and Marginal Farmers
  • Vulnerable communities

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