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BIRDS Uses The Natural Curiosity of Children to Teach Math, Reading, and Critical Thinking Skills.

BIRDS takes a whole-child approach to elementary, Primary & High education. Teachers, administrators, counselors, and support staff work together to meet the intellectual, social, behavioral, and emotional needs of each and every child we serve.

BIRDS High School follows State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) Andhra Pradesh syllabus, Primary and Play school follows Techno series which is leading the students in to IIT.

APSCERT: The SCERT board has implemented a new scheme CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) from Class I to X. With a broader aim of examination reforms in mind, the scheme envisages that every learner is to be evaluated over the entire period of learning schedule rather than one shot 3 hour external examination. This evaluation lays emphasis on life skills, attitudes and values, interests and achievement in outdoor, co-curricular activities including sports and games.

Fundamental to BIRDS’ mission is to strive to be a part of the society where students receive holistic education, prosper as learners, rising academically, socially, physically, psychologically, and culturally; they learn to practice respect, responsibility, and an admiration for diversity.

Irrespective of which standard the student is right from kindergarten to X Standard, BIRDS students take initiative and actively engage in their own learning.

They develop confidence, courage and tenacity, learn to think independently and work collaboratively. They acquire leadership skills and the desire to make a difference in the complex world.

The kindergarten year at BIRDS is truly very special. Classrooms present an atmosphere which is safe and nurturing, one which encourages children to experience the joy of learning, to explore new realms and to grow toward independence.

On daily basis children have the opportunity to experience appropriate activities which represent a balance of direct instruction and open ended ventures which is made interesting. 

Children participate in activities like Play pen, clay modeling, coloring, group activities. Dramatization of stories and poems are put into focus.

The academic program in BIRDS’ kindergarten centers on the key areas that prepare children for success in primary education. It is through these experiences that a strong academic foundation is established, as well as positive attitudes toward learning.

The importance of the kindergarten cannot be underestimated. The small class sizes and individualized attention provided to our youngest students help to ensure that they can experience the joy of learning and appreciate the power of knowledge.
Kindergarten is indeed a time to be both enjoyed and celebrated.

The Primary School comprises of Standards I-V. BIRDS’ Primary school is vibrant committed to nurturing and challenging young minds and bodies in an atmosphere that fosters a lifelong commitment to learning.

With the phenomenon of audio-visual learning, imparting all round education to the age group of students ranging from 5 to 10 becomes a stupendous task. We have managed to overcome these hurdles by realizing that the fundamental key to understanding theses children is by creating a comfort zone for them wherein positive interaction, maximum connectivity and open mindedness are the basis for development. Total commitment by our teaching staff plays a vital role. Their determination and dedication is unwavering. Emphasis is laid on developing the creativity of the child. He/she is encouraged to assert individuality.

Our curriculum is so designed that it is appropriate for our young inquiring minds to achieve towards development of mind, body and soul. The text books prescribed and used by are fully implemented and lead to integrated learning.

This is the age of inquisitiveness, which is positively channeled into learning outcomes. The students who have some difficulty in understanding concepts are given reinforced different dimensional learning enabling them to cope with the given syllabi.

Learning at the primary level cannot be confined to specific parameters. Our basic aim is to equip a child with life skills and objectives so that his/her thirst for knowledge never ends.

The Secondary School, comprised of VI-X Standard emphasizes a program dedicated to academic excellence. An environment that is both academically stimulating and challenging is provided, thus giving the child an appreciation for intellectual endeavors.

Small classes are offered realizing that each child can best achieve his or her potential within an academic program attuned to his or her individual needs. We also strive to encourage a sense of self-discipline in regard to study & work habits and character development.

Stress is laid on preparing students for their prescribed curriculum. Result oriented training by skilled faculty is imparted to students who target their desired success.

At the Class X level, students undergo classes for achieving top grades. Value education, personality development and coping with peer pressure are stressed upon.

Remedial classes in all subjects are held the year through to enable average students to come up to the level of their respective classes.

Computer Lab
Learning Computer Science is part of our Academic Curriculum. Two computer labs are made available to students and teachers for reference and learning. More than 30 computers of latest configuration, hardware and software are upgraded from time to time.

Student Health Checkup
Regular medical checkups and 24*7 medical staff availability in the campus so that any problem identified can be rectified by proper treatment.

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