Sliver Jubilee

Doris Hospital Community Health Centre, Muthyalapadu

BIRDS is associated with community health care since 2000 at villages, with support services given by our community organizers with occasional health camps with the support of local doctors along with referrals to the government hospitals in emergencies. Later BIRDS was involved in the poverty assessment study along with Action aid India for World Bank on preparation of world development report, untouchable study, Study on Sex workers, affects of money lenders in poor families and Affects of factionist among children has given large understanding to deepen our concerns and the vicious circle of the poverty situation especially among the women and children are very high. Most similarly we have found the large number of children and mother die during the pregnancy and delivery due to high malnourishment and not accessed to good health systems.

BIRDS have taken the responsibility to work in 42 villages especially on malnourishment. BIRDS have identified the better and effective way to reach this large number of poor women and children through community health workers, and recruited the local women as community health workers, trained them on several areas including the traditional birth attenders with very cooperation of the local government health staff for the 100 percent immunization through these community health workers and started to monitor the health issues and activities in the villages. To ensure the institutional and safe deliveries BIRDS has thought to start a community health center at BIRDS farm, and same was discussed at length with Dr.Ginny and Dr.George during the first visit of Paul Raja Rao to Portland as international mission associate has given a good chance to discuss and requested Dr. Ginny to visit BIRDS as mission trip in September 2004, during the mission visit BIRDS has laid a foundation stone in the presence of Dr.Ginny and other team members to start the community health center at farm to serve the needy poor dalits, women, children and small and marginal framers on health issues. The construction was started with kind support of Doris from Albany, Dr.George and Eva Pertermeier.

BIRDS DORIS Community Health Center is the only hospital in this area which works round the clock with the support and care from Dr. George, Dr. Ginny Feldman, Dr. Christie, Mary Beth, Health Workers and others. People of the villages surrounding this hospital are very happy about the services by the hospital. The patients are increasing and that too new patients are coming after they have been advised by the people who received care and treatment here.

On behalf of community, executive body and staff of BIRDS we express our gratitude and thankfulness to Dr. Ginny Feldman, and Dr George Feldman & family for their love and affection with continued financial help since 2004 to 2015 and technical guidance to the hospital. We also thank Mother Doris for her financial help to  the  Hospital running expenditure, similarly we thank Barbara Campbell, Barbara Whitmore, Hanna Blaney, Kathy kingsley many others including the BIRDS DORIS staff and Mr. Pradeep, Mrs. Sindhura, Dr. Ramakrishna Reddy and Dr. Ms. Sarah for their efforts to make  this hospital very much useful to the community"

Services/ Facilities
BIRDS–DORIS Community Health Centre has provided many services and facilities to the poor people. The following sub sections describe the each services progress during the reporting period.

  • Community Health Services
      • Inpatient
      • Out patient
      • Free health camps
  • Pharmacy
  • Lab Services
  • Ambulance
  • Physiotherapy

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