Sliver Jubilee

Community Health Programme

BIRDS Community Health work is going on 3 mandal of Kurnool Districts. 35 Health Workers are working in this programme. Under this programme we conduct a meeting once in a month. In this meeting we will discuss about the usual seasonal diseases and we invite the Doctors to give advices and remedies to come out of these diseases and the things to be taken for prevention.

These Health Workers will have periodical visits to the families of the village. During these visits they will give medical advises to both the women and children. Especially they will help pre-natal and post natal women about the precautions and the care they should maintain. These Health workers will examine BP and will do BMI to the pre-natal women. If they found that anybody is under risk, they will be taken to the BIRDS Hospital or Shanthiram Hospital for necessary treatment. With this programme, the village women are very confident to come along with the Health care workers and they are getting treatment and becoming well.

Whenever the Doctor diagnoses TB to any of the Villagers, immediately the Health Worker will take them to the Govt. PH Centre, for necessary treatment. The tablets which were given by the Government PH Centre will be monitored by our Health Worker and will see that the tablets are used by them regularly.
The Health Workers will help the Govt. Health Workers in conducting the National Health Campaigns like Pulse Polio in the year. They will visit house to house and will see that all the children of 1 year to 5 years to be vaccine. Even these Health workers go to house to house and give the vaccine.

Our Health Workers will be available to the pregnant women and when the needed time arises, they will call Ambulance, 108 and escort the patient during their delivery.

Our Health Workers also participate in the Rallies on AIDS in the villages. After the Rally, a meeting will be conducted and will be given talks on AIDS and how it can be avoided and what care need to be taken.
Our Health workers will also help the 104 Health workers in distributing the medicines to the sick people at the villages during their visits.

With these services of the Health Workers the village women and children are getting all the Health Care facilities and necessary suggestions for their good healthy practices. 


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