Sliver Jubilee


The project will adopt the principles of participatory groundwater management, which include the following:

  • Submitted situational analysis report on both districts as per the guidelines
  • Identified 3 blocks in each district to do block level situational analysis
  • Staff participated in water quality training organized by ACT
  • BIRDS' team participated and presented the reports in the meeting organized by UNDP and ACWADAM.

Gunfanala watershed

BIRDS-Neeranchal Project is being implemented in Orissa state in the field area of "Sabuja Biplav" NGO at Suliapada block of Mayurbhanj district. PHM activities taken up in the villages Hatimada, Ufalgadiya, Sansasole and Nekdagunja

On behalf of BIRDS Mr. P. Ravi Kumar and Mr. T. Obulesu taken up field activities during the months of September and October 2016

  • Identified the observation bore wells. Four OB wells among four villages selected and those villages are Hatimada, Ufalgadiya, Sansasole and Nekdagunja
  • Selected site for "Rain gauge" station in one village, namely Hatimada
  • Selected site for "Rain gauge" station in one village, namely Hatimada ? Purchased the material HDPE Pipe, Nipples, Nipple caps, Dummys, Discharge equipment (T-bend, L-bend and Pipe), Drum, Stop watch, Water level indicator. Also the Rain Gauge station materials collecting jar, supporting jar, funnel, measuring jar purchased.
  • Volunteers have been selected for observation wells and rain gauge station among the bore well farmers with support of Sabuja Biplav NGO staff Mr. Hemanth & Mr. Chandan
  • Pipe lowering done for 4 observation wells in the first week of October 2016
  • Rain gauge station installed in the third week of October 2016

Training programme

Training has been conducted on 20th October 2016 at Hatimada village in the field. Totally 25 participants took part in the training programme.


  • Observation well & rain gauge station volunteers
  • Watershed committee executive body members
  • CEO & Director of Sabuja Biplav and Staff

Training Aspects

  • PHM concept
  • Water cycle
  • Measuring data from observation wells and rain gauge station
  • Data entry ( Book keeping )
  • Data dissemination

Display Boards Erection

Both water levels & rain fall data display boards erected in Hatimada village. Whereas only water level display boards erected in remaining three villages.

District level dissemination workshop on PHM conducted on 22nd October 2016

Dignitaries attended

  • Mr. Ram Chandra Das, Project Director, Integrated Watershed Management Programme, Mayur Bhanj district
  • Mr.RameshChandra Dchury, Additional Project Director, Integrated Watershed Management Programme, MayurBhanj district
  • Mr. Santhosh Kumar Sahu, Agriculture Officer, Suliyapada block
  • Mr. S. K. Das, Director, Sabuja Biplav

BIRDS technical staff explained dignitaries the PHM concept, field level activities being implemented. Two way communications between farmers attended the workshop and BIRDS technical staff took place. Discussion held regarding planning cropping pattern according to available ground water. Various rock types, recharge from rain water, how to get more and more recharge also explained to the participants.

Demonstration regarding water levels and rain fall measuring, book keeping, dissemination conducted by volunteers in this workshop.


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