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BIRDS continues with a commitment to improving the quality of life of children, particularly of girls from vulnerable and excluded communities by creating meaningful partnerships with the children, communities, Schools and Society  at large. BIRDS works through Schools having the approach with a special focus on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Quality in holistic education (pre-primary, elementary, secondary).  In this context BIRDS has taken up the programme of bringing change in the attitudes of Students through Behavioural Change Communication programme at Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh. This programme is being sponsored by the FICCI through PLAN International Organisation.

BIRDS-PLAN, FICCI supported School Sanitation project was started its operations in the month of March’2017 in Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh. The focus of the project is improving WASH facilities in 200 Government Schools (Primary, Middle and High Schools) covering 29 Mandals in Chittoor District. The school WASH project is basically a BCC project which includes activities for children, Strengthening of School Management Committees, Orientation to Teachers, Hygiene promotion activities and involvement of all related stakeholders in maintenance of WASH facilities in schools.

In all, 22 Field Coordinators, one Project Coordinator and administration staff were recruited in the month of March 2017 to coordinate and implement the project activities. This Annual report documents the physical progress in the period March 2017 to December 2017. The progress in this reporting period is described under the following heads: Establishing baseline, Trainings, Development of IEC materials and coordinate with stakeholders. Here below is the description of the progress on these key tasks

Partners and Partnerships: BIRDS is working with the following agencies for the implementation of the Project.  BTMU (Bank of Tokyo) FICCI, PLAN International, Wockhardt, GoodEra, KHATHA and Education Department.

Establish Baseline: Before the implementation of project activities, project team collected baseline data of all identified schools covering 17 mandals of Chittoor district. Teachers, children and SMC members were interviewed by the BIRDS staff and external consultants hired by the BIRDS. During the baseline survey, staff focused on the status of WASH facilities and awareness levels of the staff and children on Health and Hygiene, Menstrual hygiene, role of SMC members in maintenance of WASH facilities in all identified schools. The data entry was done in P3 App for analysis

Community meetings, Trainings, and Orientation programmes Before the start of the project activities, it’s very important to build the capacity of the field staff on project objectives and activities. As part of that, a two-day staff orientation programme was organized in the month of March 2017 and staff were oriented on How to collect the baseline information and data entry and analysis using P3 App. After the baseline survey, community meetings were organized to share the project objectives and for their support in the implementation of Project activities. Sarpanches and other opinion leaders, SMC members were present in the meetings got orientation on the project.

To Start with the WASH agreements were made between the project and the head of the institutions (138 Schools). In the month of September 2017, 64 new schools were again identified for the implementation of the Project. Project team collected baseline data form these schools and formed WASH Committees and identified WASH Champions and WASH agreements were also done.

Development of training modules and IEC Materials
For increased involvement and better coordination, WASH committees, and WASH Champions (One female and one male teacher) were identified in all identified schools. After that, Staff trainings were organized in the month of July 7th& 8th on children training module M1 & M2. Basing on the training received, the staff organized trainings to children in all the identified schools and involved WASH committees and WASH Champions. After the trainings, follow-up sessions were also organized to encourage and strengthen the WASH committees. Staff orientation on Children Training Module M3 M4, M5 & M6 was conducted by PLAN and the Staff has given training to the Children on M3 & M4 modules.

HM & Teachers Orientation Programme:
Orientation for HMs & Teachers were given on Health and Hygiene of the Children was given at all Schools to pass on same to the Students to bring out the behavior changes of the child.

Teacher & SMC Orientation: Orientation for Teachers & SMC Members (School Management Committee) were given on the subjects  Menstrual Hygiene, Hand Washing, Safe Sanitation Practices & Health and Hygiene of the Children  at all School Management Committees  to pass on same to the Students and the Communities at large to bring out the behavior  changes of the child and at Community at large.

Wall writings/Paintings:
Wall Writings and Paintings on Good Hand Wash Practices, Toilet Maintenances and Save Water and Safe drinking water was done in all the schools where toilet construction was completed. Wall writings/paintings is a good tool to educate the children on health and hygiene aspects in effective way.

Monitoring project activities Every month, project coordinator reviews the progress made against the approved work plan and develop strategy and action plan for next month. Project Coordinator provided regular backstopping to the field staff through filed visits in the implementation of project activities.

Events/Days observed
All staff were participated in “SWACHH VIDYALAYA” programme in the schools on the occasion of GLOBAL HANDWASHING DAY on Oct’16th, project team conducted POSTER MAKING COMPITITION for the children and nearly 5,520 children from 138 schools were participated in the competition. Prizes were distributed to all the children who stood 1st,2nd& 3rd positions in poster making competition on the occasion of CHILDREN’S DAY i.e. on Nov”14th at all Mandals



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