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BIRDS in partnership with EFFORT implementing WASH Project (Water, Agriculture, Sanitation & Hygiene Project) under CSR initiative, targeting 60,000 farmers covering Adoni Division of Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh with an overall goal of "Sensitize and capacitate 60,000 farmers on responsible usage of natural resources in the identified villages thereby the farmers will adopt and put into practice the equipped skills & knowledge for better understanding and awareness of the dwindling resources".

Project operational area is Adoni Division, Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh covered 41 villages in 5 mandals details are below. In the project we have 5 members staff one project coordinator, 3 village coordinators and one data operator.




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The main objective of the WASH Project is as follows:

  • To change the mindset of farming communities by adopting WASH (Water, Agriculture, Sanitation and Hygiene) concept and to promote clean villages.
  • To improve environment conditions of the target area by adopting good management practices in disposing the wastage of agro input products.
  • To train (Directly, or indirectly via farmer to farmer transmission) 60,000 farmers in the responsible use of crop protection products within the context of IPM.
  • To promote the secure storage of crop protection products amongst 60,000 farmers.
  • To demonstrate statistically valid impacts (behavioral changes, reduction in contamination and poisoning incidents) on the target population.

BIRDS is a Monitoring agency in association with EFFORT has designed a survey to assess the overall impact of the project on the target population.

As a part of that, we conduct the “BASELINE” Survey, before EFFORT staff Organize trainings on WASH (Water, Agriculture, Sanitation and Hygiene). We conduct survey after the trainings called “POST TRAINING” survey. Which shows the behavioral change and practices of the farmers. After that all the data entered into the system for analysis and the results will be shared through PPTs and reports to EFFORT. We did the random survey in 1:4 ratio i.e., 1000 farmers from each block.


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