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   Time-line of BIRDS as an Institution

BIRDS came into existence with the initiative of its Executive Director who has been working with poorest of the poor in the Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, since 1985. The first target area was Midthur mandal (one of the most backward and remote areas in the district), considering absence of any voluntary organization in the area. In the subsequent years, the organization could get lot of recognition on account of its good work and today is one of the leading NGOs in the district.

It is noteworthy to mention that the organization worked with meager funds raised mainly from personal savings and small donations till 1994. It started with an annual budget of forty thousand rupees and could gradually rise to an annual budget of about 7.5 crore rupees (based on 2011-2012 figures). below table gives time-line of BIRDS history.

From working with the support of small donations, BIRDS has reached a stage of multiple donors funding. Till now, BIRDS runs projects supported by about 10 donors (7 international and 3 local). The growth of BIRDS as an institution in service of the poorest of the poor has been gradual and phenomenal in terms of its reach, spanning for more than a decade. BIRDS as an institution and its Executive Director as an individual have won accolades for the work at several levels. below lists main awards received.

Awards of BIRDS and its Executive Director

Executive Director received Dalit Sahitya Academy Award in the year 1995, from his Excellency the President of India, for exceptional work in promotion of Adult Literacy.

BIRDS has won five annual commendation awards (1995, 97, 98, 2000 and 2002) from the District Collector of Kurnool, for carrying out exceptional work in the rural development sector.

In micro-finance sector, BIRDS is among top 50 institutions in the world, as announced at the last Micro-Credit Summit, USA.

Time-line of BIRDS as an institution

Year    Main Events

2013   Launch of Child Labor programme in Kurnool, Mahaboob Nagar and Ananthapur

2012  Launch of Sampunrna CDC project sponored by Karuna Bla Vikras (compassion International project Programmes)            project at Kalachetla

Eva Sponsorhip programme on DSMG for Odhisa, Gujarth, Rajasthan government officials

 Launch of SPACC project, establishment of schools and Hope Clinic, green Grant at Muthyalapadu

International workshop on demandside ground water sponsored by FAO organized by birds for 16 countries             Ambassador from Royal Netherlands Ambasy visit to BIRDS APFAMGS project

Project in Bhutan supported by FAO on development of watershed project
            RCH project (training of community health worker) sponsored by government of India

2007   international learning workshop on demandside ground water management organized by BIRDS and FAO
            Land and Water Study in Andhra Pradesh supported by FAO

2006   Establishment of Boarding Homes for boys and girls who are orphan and semi-orphan

2005   BIRDS support to AP Water Vision Task Force (GoAP)

2004   Community Health Center initiated at BIRDS Farm

2003   Close of APWELL Project ED visits USA for World Micro-credit Summit  Launch of APFAMGS project Initiation of             SMCS program (CRS)

2002   Start of construction of training center at M’Padu Formation of Dalit Samakhya State Level Kisan Mela at             Muthyalapadu (APWELL) BIRDS becomes financial custodian of CHETANA works

2001   Dalit Empowerment program starts (Action Aid) Organic Farm and Training Center established  Studies: dalit             issues, sex-workers, child labor, etc.

2000   MF expansion with TBF funding Social Security Scheme (FWWB/GTZ/SEWA) starts

1999   ED in preparation of World Development Report Initiation of R&R program of SRBC MF expansion with NMDFC             funding Food Security Kalajatha (Action Aid)  Mahila Bank established at Midthur and Kolimigundla  Initiation of             CHETANA network (PHP)

1998   ED attends IDP on Grameen Replication, Bangladesh Initiation of MF activity with FWWB and RMK ED attends             International thematic workshop at Ranchi  ED on UNDP study tour to Sri Lanka BIRDS training center inaugurated             at Nandyal       

1997   Study on tribal issues at Adilabad (Action Aid support) Initiation of Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP)
            Start of DPAP watershed program Start of women dairy activities (APDDCF) ED visits Malaysia to attend MDT on             Micro Finance  

1996   Child Labor Rehabilitation program starts One year administrative support from IGSSS Start of APWELL Project
            Action Aid India supports UNDP initiative (3 years) Rural Housing for destitute women (CAPART) Income             Generation Program for SCs (SC Corporation)

1995   Start of UNDP program (Poverty Alleviation) – 5 years Initiation of work in Kolimigundla and Owk mandals
            PCUSA (women) program initiated and closed Initiation of mandal level SHG federation at Midthur Ms. Eva Peter of             Germany visits BIRDS as a student Initiation of NOVOK, district level network of NGOs

1994   Initiation of Agriculture activities National Environment Awareness Campaign (Annual) UNDP visit to BIRDS
            Close of Adult Literacy program

1993   Start of Adult Literacy, TRYSEM, Thrift and DWCRA ED Visits Bangladesh on Sustainable Agriculture

1992   Initiation of village level sanghas

1991   Registration and Reconnaissance



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