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BIRDS vision is “a world where all its inhabitants live in complete harmony with each other to maintain and benefit from balanced eco-systems.”

BIRDS mission is to create platform for people from all walks of life so that they are able to take necessary action for ensuring ecological stability, safeguarding human rights, eradicating poverty, ensuring minimum standard of living, and bringing in social justice (on account of differences based on gender, disability, social and economical marginalization and displacement).

Guiding Principles:

BIRDS will work only for furtherance of its vision, mission and objectives.

BIRDS recognize that it is only a part of a bigger movement to ensure environmental stability and in the fight against poverty. Therefore, it strive to establish linkages at the organization and community levels with different strategic developmental players (governmental and non-governmental).

BIRDS believe that it stands accountable to public, government and for agencies providing financial support as well as for the people the support is intended. Through its transparent administration and accounting systems BIRDS will register itself as an honest and humble change agent.

BIRDS work culture will be that of mutual respect, equality and justice, where every one  irrespective of sex, sexual orientation, age, race, colour, class, religion, ethnicity, and location are treated equally.

BIRDS will work with courage, creativity, innovativeness, in pursuit of its vision, mission and objectives, without fearing anybody.

BIRDS will have a bias for poor and marginalized people because of the fact that their mainstreaming can only result in realization of its larger goal







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