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    International and National Socidarity Mission

Dr.P.S.Rao and Paulter weel from Royal Netherlands embassy

Dr.P.S.Rao and Dr.Daniel Gustafson from FAOUN

September 2004 - Mission team from Portland (Headed By Dr.Ginny)

February 2005 - Eva Patermeier from Germany

June 2005 - Students from Gordon College Boston (headed by Kirk/Udayan)

September 2005 - A team of 12 persons from FAOUN project in Afghanistan

November 2005 - Mission Visit from Portland (Headed by Dr.Ginny)

June 2006 - Students from Gordon College, Boston (headed by Kirk/Kandyce)

November 2006 - Mission Visit from Portland (Headed by Dr.Ginny)

November 2006 - Team from Bhutan

January 2007 - Mission visit from Albany (Headed By Barbara and Marta)

January 2007 - Rob Stuyck student from Gordon has undergone training

January 2007 - A team from Sacramento Joining hands

April 2007 - Team from Orrissa government headed by Mr.Aurobindo Behera, IAS.,

May 2007 - Jennifer and Andrew from Gordon College from Boston

July 2007 - Kathy Kingsley and team from Holland Michigan,USA

August 2007 - International Learning Workshop on Demandside Management of Groundwater  Supported by FAOUN

November 2007 - Team from Nepal headed by Hari Prasad Awasthi



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