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Eenadu News on 29th September 2016
Vanam-Manam Programme@BIRDS
Vana Mahotsavam: Vanam-Manam Programme@BIRDS School

Vanam-Manam Programme@BIRDS
On Friday 29.7.2016 Vanam-Manam program as conducted in BIRDS School. Students participated in rally to spread the awareness that trees are mile stones for progressive path. In this programme Ms. Sindhura, Head Mistress said that everyone has to conserve environment by not only planting trees            .....More

Ms. Karnika Bahuguna, Correspondent visit to BIRDS filed area on 15th March 2016
Discussion cum finalization of FPO formulation and making arrangements for FPO registration on 14th March at BIRDS training center>

"Prof Ramesh Chand, Memebr - Niti Aayog and Shri Shyam Khadka, FAO Representative to India visit to BIRDS on Water Governance Project Sponsored by FAO - Govt. of AP. Implemented by BIRDS, SAFE, CARVE, GVS, DIPA, PARTNER and SYA" on 21st and 22ns Feb 2016          more....


Hanna Blaney (USA) SHELTER international at BIRDS on 25th, May. 2015

Ms Hanna Blaney Chair of “SHELTER INTERNATIONAL “has visited to BIRDS to see and participate in the Sanitary napkin Project sponsored by Shelter International, the project which is working among the widows in BIRDS read more....

M Srinivasulu and team (CHETHANA) at BIRDS on 27th, Apr. 2015

The Project Partners of Chethana Team have visited BIRDS to plan their activities for the year 2015, under PHP/FRB in detailed with State Level plan for TN and AP.

Bill Coddington (USA) at BIRDS on 21st, Feb. 2015

Brother Bill have visited after the team have left to see and help the Sanitary Napkin Project, to refit the equipment and Stayed in the farm. read more....

Mr Self Trevor, Ms AshraiyaNooraniand Dr C Konda Reddy and team (FAO Rome) at BIRDS on 6th, Feb. 2015

The team has visited many villages and sites of APFAMGS and SPACC Projects of FAOUN how these projects have achieved results have been re visited and learn by the team on PHM/CWB, FFS/FWS/ PCM/CCAC/CCS and seen and stations of PHM and PCM in the all the village’s even after closure of the projects read more....

Vikas Kumar and team at BIRDS on 31st, Jan. 2015

These teams from Ratlam district of MP have come to BIRDS from World Bank Funded Projects on Water and sanitation to see and learn on Water Management, from APFAMGS Project, visited RK Puram village and learn on PHM, CWB and FWS Programs and seen the well sites. read more....

Team on Visit to India with Travel with Heart and Hand at BIRDS on 25th Jan. 2015

Under the Leadership of Barbara. J. Campbell and Bill Coddingtonalong with Steve Parker, Barbie Breneiser, Sten Carlson, Finn Carlson, Becky Knapp, Rachel Parker, Carl Thatcher have visited for one week, visited several projects and programs of BIRDS on learning and supportive manner. read more....

Salomiyesudu (chennai) CHETHANA in BIRDS on 6th, Jan. 2015

New Project 2015 Orientation with partners on PHP and FRB Projects.

Rabindrabeherasahal (team) from Orrissa in BIRDS on 6th, Jan. 2015

Come to BIRDS from to learn on APFAMGS Project, visited RK Puram village and learn on PHM, CWB and FWS Programs and seen the well sites.

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