Sliver Jubilee

FPO Bakery

FPO established with the objective of making available the good quality inputs seed, manure, plant protection material, etc., at one place and see that farmers get good price for the produce.


Establishment of Resource Center
In order to start from kharif season the company has to establish input supply center and training center as early as possible. The following inputs are enlisted

  • Seeds: Black gram, Green gram, Red gram, Sorghum, Foxtail millet and Paddy are priority crops followed by regular crops and vegetables.  Seed requirement needs to be estimated for 22 crops totally
  • Neem cake, neem oil
  • Castor cake
  • Vermicompost / earth worms
  • Green manure crop seed
  • Seed treatment materials
  • NPM materials
  • Identify experts for decoction and liquid manure preparations at large scale for seasonal sales

In pursuit of achieving the objectives of FPO, bakery is established

  • Biscuits are being  produced in bakery presently
  • Millets cultivated locally are used in the preparation of biscuits
  • FPO farmers are involved in the total process, right from production to marketing
  • Marketing facility locally available for the farm produce and value addition made possible with the establishment of bakery
  • Nutritive food become available to local people, especially children
  • Bakery became the income generating source for the farmers, particularly the women farmers and FPO 


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