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   Boarding home and BIRDS school

1.Boarding home

Support to Boarding home for Boys and Girls at Muthyalalapdu (St.Mark Presbyterian Church and BIRDS International)

BIRDS is started working since 1991 in the field of rural development among the poor and poorest, among the Dalits, Women, Children and Small and marginal farmers in the rural areas. BIRDS was dedicated on community mobilization, empowerment process among the Dalits and women on several issues such as poverty, social discrimination and women rights and land issues. The focus was on the livelihood improvement among the poor families without lands as well as less lands and the main target was to improve the livelihood opportunities within the villages to minimize the migration.

In this progress, we have found huge number of children who are dropped school and working as child labor or bonded labor, some are destitute children left over by the family, due to sever migration and death of parents due to HIV, which are seen very much in the villages. Similarly the huge number of poor are effected with HIV and finally get the AIDS——the results of the migration, which is alarmingly increasing in these poor community people which have less lands and landless. People who are going out migration to earn money to improve their livelihood are returned back with diseases not with money.

These children who are out of school and working as child labor and destitute are given opportunity for education and to have childhood with proper care and protection under BIRDS. So BIRDS is dedicating to increase and improve facilitates of the present boarding home for many children to have good shelter and food with good facilities and environment for the children to have education are the main purpose of this proposal.

Till now, there are almost 100 children supported by different donors, but another 66 children have no any funds, see bellow table:

Name of children Class/grade S.No Name of children Class/grade
N Pavan Kumar 4th class M0285 Y Bhanu Prakash Reddy 2 EM
L.Narasimha Raj 3rd EM M0286 B Jithendra 2 EM
Y.V Sravankumar 8th EM M0287 D Rama Devi 2 EM
M.Narendra 8th EM M0288 E Ramanaiah 2 TM
C.Mallikarjuna 8th class M0289 L Vijaya Raju 2 TM
K.Sivakrishna 9th class M0290 E Sanjeeva Krishna 3 EM
K.Mallikarjuna 10th class M0291 M Ananda Gopal Reddy 3 TM
B.Narasimha 6th TM M0292 M Sajeeva 4 EM
B.Jayasimha 5th TM M0293 P Narahari 4 EM
K.Narasimhudu 6th TM M0294 P Narasimha Teja 4 EM
K.Srihari 2nd EMr M0295 L Raju 4 EM
B Ravi Nayak 4th class M0296 B Vijay Kumar Reddy 4 EM
K Madhava reddy UKG M0297 D Vishnu Vardhan 4 EM
D Pavan Kumar 6th class M0298 K Sanjeeva Goud 5 EM
L Narsimha Raju 3rd class M0299 B Rakshak 5 EM
P Mahesh 6th EM M0300 E Sanjeeva Rayudu 6 EM
P Devendra 5th EM M0301 K Uday Kumar 5 EM
Y Leela Deepika 8th TM M0302 P Padmavathi Jeevana 5 EM
G Chakradhar Reddy 7th EM M0303 M Raghu 5 TM
Nakka Pavan Kumar 7th EM M0304 K Satya Veerudu 5 TM
P Dasharad Ramalinga Reddy 7th TM M0305 I Sudarshan 6 EM
P Prasad 7th TM M0306 T Charan Kumar Reddy 6 EM
D. Hussein Basha 9th TM M0307 K Hepsiba 6 TM
N Madhu Babu 5th TM M0308 I Jagadeesh Babu 7 EM
R Balu Johnson 1 EM M0309 D Ansar Basha 7 EM
K Obuelso 1 EM M0310 K Vijay Kumar 7 TM
P Pranitha 1 EM M0311 M Pradeep 8 TM
P Jyothsna 1 EM M0312 T Obaiah 8 TM
K Ravi Kumar 1 TM M0313 N Chaitanya 9 TM
L Karunakar 1 TM M0314 V Rahul Teja 9 TM
C Padma 1 TM M0315 V Naga Shireesha 10 EM
Gadam. Hanna Rani 9th Class N0004 Pabbathi. Jyothi 10th class

2.BIRDS Schools (High School and Primary School)

  • Preparation and Permission from government:
  • Six months in (2010) preparatory work was done for school recognition and preparation of school tables, benches for setting, and other equipments, made the all down stairs room at the main building was converted as class rooms made all the halls partitions. Finally we have got the orders from government of Andhra Pradesh to start a school in English and Telugu medium from zero class to ten classes at a stretch.

  • Need of a School: for Empowerment through education
  • Infect this is one of the achievement of the peoples empowerment program to have an English medium for dalits to compete with external world with good education and Christian values all most all the poor Christian children in the area are turned to have English medium school with cheaper rates of fees. At present we have given admissions to dalits and non-datils (Christians and non-Christians) but also to those are our farmer's families who are in APFAMGS Project. But however it is at large a challenge to all of us to have a decent education in English for future development of the children including our sponsored children.

  • Teachers:
  • When we have advertised for qualified teachers, we have got very good response and received more than 200 applications, screened the applications with the help of Latha and other senior teachers done the selections through selection committee, Now including teaching and non-teaching their are 73 staff dedicated for the school.

  • Inauguration:
  • BIRDS HIGH SCHOOL was inaugurated on 13th of June 2010, and classes was started in the premises from 14th of June as per the government rules.

  • Admissions:
  • This is the result of the our last 20 years of efforts in rural development, all the community members have confidence on BIRDS and me, they have just flooded with their children to the school for admissions, total 1200 children have joined, later we could reject some children due to space problem, but still we have around 900 to 1000 children in the school.

  • Hostel:
  • As you all know boarding home is suffering due to Jennifer's episode, Vijay has successfully declined Jennifer not to work for BIRDS (even after my apology) not collecting money any more since last August 2009. All the children sponsored by East coast are all dropped more than (80) sponsorships and Jennifer has not collected money for the children, we were already suffering due to close of project, we are now been over burden with children since last year and this year there are 25 new admission who are orphans. To minimize this problem of maintenance of children sponsored by east coast we have given some admission to the children who can pay some fees for mess charges so that we can feed extra children with this income.

  • Support:
  • We could able to get the support initially to begin with preparation work, in the distress situation was from Doris, Eleanor and Kathy Kingsley, Kandyce Kingsley, and Toni & Bill, but the all support was coordinated by Rev.Barbara and Marta. We are now running the entire organization with the kind support of Doris towards our salaries and school establishment, Eleanor's support was used for the equipments for the school, with your and Kingsley families support we are using the feeding the children who have been sponsored by East Coast.

  • Successfully Completed:
  • We have successfully completed two academic years (2010-11 and 2011-12) now running 2012-13.

  • New Building for High School:
  • With the help of Doris we have completed a new building for high school in September 2011. Now the entire high school is running separately with very good facilities of toilets for boys and girls, hand wash and drinking water with very good computers lab and other facilities for the children.

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