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M.Vijaya lakshmi w/o seetharamaiah(TB disease)

Age: 20
Address: Maripalli (Vil)
                RK Puram (Post)
                Allagadda (Taulka)

Family Status:

She has a very poor family. She just got married one year ago. She’s so skinny and always gets coughing and gets fever every night . She goes to the daily work every day. Her parents-in-law told her husband not to too close to her. The health worker of BIRDS took her to the Shanthi Ram Hospital after getting permission of her parents-in-law. In the hospital she got the Comprehensive health check and then found out she had TB disease. Doctor said she would recover after taking medicine for six months.


She followed the doctor’s advices, went to the hospital and did examination every month and took medicine. She gets rid of healthy problem after all. She lives together with her family easily.


Now she is very happy with her family and she got one daughter..


Gosala Lakshmi Devi(Uterus problem)

Caste: S.C
Adress: Narasapuram

Family Status:

She lives in Rudravam mandalam Narasapuram Village and belongs to S.C. She has one daughter. She and her husband are all daily labor and have no land. They have to do the daily work and get wages every day, which is enough for the daily food only, so they don’t have time to get rest.

Health Status:

She has some health problem on uterus, every day she get white discharge. That’s why she got cancer. She has no money to see doctor, even one rupee she can't pay. She cried every day. And she doesn’t have any time and energy to look after herself but only pray that God can help her. BIRDS health worker knows her health problem, then took her to the Shanthi Ram Hospital. She did the complete examination in the hospital. After few days she went to cancer hospital again. There she did all checkups and operation with the help of BIRDS and the operation is successful.


She has a new life. She said she would help others some day. And she wishes BIRDS services can go continuously and help poor people.



Age: 30
Address:Yaragudi Dinne (Village)
Height: 160 Cm
Weight: 50
BP: 90/60
BMI: 21
Habit: Smoking


Family Status:

His name is Keshalu, 30 year-old. His is 160 height and 50 kg. He doesn’t feel hungry all the time, so he cannot eat well. He feels some thing going on in his eyes, so he gets vomiting sensation. Health worker took him to the Shanthi Ram Hospital and did the check up. After that, he knew he has diabetes.

Health Status:

This is his results of health tests as on 24-12-2010: BP is 130/70.

The BP is so high, hence Doctor told he should control his BP. They gave medicine to him and warn him to stop his bad habits, such as smoking and drinking of alcohol.

As on 14-5-12 :BP is 100/70 and RBC is 436. They give medicine to him and tell him stop his bad habits. He wants to regain his health again. The village health worker of BIRDS is there to help him, that’s why he is happy. When his health is becoming good, he stops taking medicines. He starts again his bad habits. Again his health is back to the bad condition as before, high BP and high sugar.

On 6-8-12 Health workers brought him to the Shanthi Ram Hospital, he has test again at the hospital. After the tests, the Doctor said that he is having T.B. They neglect Doctor’s advices. Because they think he has evil spirit inside of him and they tie thread on his hand. After two weeks he becomes very weak and powerless. Knowing his situation they convince him to go to doctor and then he agrees to have treatment in the hospital. After one week they send him back to his house. Doctor also gives him advices “please go to the governmental hospital to take TB medicine.” The medicine also can be distributed by village nurse. It is available in his village. After completed one box medicine, on 5-10-12 he is taken to the Allagadda Governmental hospital for fallowing-up sputum test. Doctor says his health is getting better and tells him take regular medicine.


Now he is very happy for getting good health and praises the BIRDS health services in rural area. The Government service could never be like BIRDS.


S.Khasim(Eye Cataract)

Age: 50
Adress: Maripalli (Vil)
              RK Puram (Post)
              Allagadda (Taulka)

Family Status:

She has a poor family; she is doing the daily labor. There would no food for her


family if one day she doesn’t go to the field work. She has three children and all of them got married. Her husband’s health is not good, so he can’t go to the field work. She has an eye problem and cannot see clearly. And health worker of BIRDS took her to the Shanthi Ram Hospital to do the eye examination, and doctor said she had eye cataract.


Shanthi Ram Hospital gave her free operation to her. Now she can see clearly.


Now she’s going to the daily work and they have a better life.

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