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Community Health Centre

Community Health Workers Program


BIRDS–DORIS Community Health Centre has provided many services and facilities to the poor people. The following sub sections describe the each services progress:

  1. Community Health Services
    b.Out patient
    c.Free health camps
  2. Lab Services
  3. Pharmacy
  4. Ambulance
1. Community Health Services

A. Inpatient

Many of the out patients with Head Injuries, Lacerated Injuries, Acute Gastritis, Gastro Enteritis, Enteric Fevers, Hypertension, Diabetes, Amoebiasis, and Renal Stones are treated in this hospital. All of them are well.

Diagnosis wise inpatient details in the BIRDS DORIS community Health Centre Muthyalapadu show in below table1.1:

Gastritis and gastroenteritis cases are will be in this season because food and drinking water contamination due to rains. Enteric fever, infective hepatitis and amoebas are due to water, food contamination and unhygienic conditions in persons and surroundings. Hyper tension and diabetes renal stones are common diseases through out the year due to lack of sufficient exercise and high calorie in take and less knowledge about these diseases.

B. Outpatient

We have treated a number of patients who came to this hospital with vomiting, loose motions and abdominal colic pains by giving anti emetics, anti biotic, anti amoebic drugs with I V fluids. All of them are well cured and advised further to complete the course of the drugs for few days.

Everyday details of patients during the reporting period regarding total outpatients, number of patients given treatment free of cost and 50% of the cost details in the BIRDS DORIS Community Health Centre at Muthyalapadu shown in table 1.2 shows No. of patients treated during the reporting period. Table 1.4 gives the details of patients given treatment free of cost and 50% of the cost.

The patient attendance is more in the month of February and March due to viral infections, lack of sufficient knowledge about the disease and personnel hygiene. Gastro enteritis and gastritis are due to water, food contamination due to rains and assembling large number of people during the festivals and marriage functions in this season.

C. Free Health camps

During the reporting year BIRDS DORIS Community Health Center conducted one health camp for general check up of adopted village i.e. Kalachetla on 23rd September 2012, in which it had given 152 patients treated and medicines were given on free of cost. We have found many of them suffering from viral fevers due to various reasons. We have given anti Malarial, Anti biotic, Anti Amoebic anti pyrexia drugs with, IV fluids. Some are suffering from scabies. We have scabicidal drugs. One of the boys had post burn contractioues and was referred to the CMC Vellore.

2. Lab Services

The laboratory of BIRDS DORIS Community Health Center consists of good equipment to conduct the investigations necessary. Lab test conducted during the reporting period are shown in table 2.1. The medical lab technician, Mr. Suneel kumar, is able to conduct the investigations mentioned below:

3. Pharmacy Services

BIRDS DORIS Community Health Centre pharmacy has a good number of medicines. Pharmacist, Mr. M. Malik, is available round the clock. Here, I would like to mention the work by the pharmacist. He has been maintaining the registers very well regarding each medicine whether it is given free of cost, 50% of the cost or at the full cost, stock input, output etc., The list of medicines that are available presently in the pharmacy, the medicines purchased here is given below. The medicines are not strictly classified but some what arbitrary. So you are requested to ignore the mistakes if any.

4. Ambulance Services

We shifted two patients to higher specialties concerned, some from BIRDS DORIS CHC and others either from home or from other hospital to the higher center. Besides the ambulance of BIRDS, Emergency Medical Services 108, an ambulance that shifts patients to the higher centers concerned free of cost, has been started by “Government of Andhra Pradesh”. This is very useful for poor patients who can’t afford. We provide that facility also whenever our ambulance is already on duty.

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